"This lonely hill was always dear to me..."
Giacomo Leopardi



Join us in Italy for an exciting event: the launch of the Leopardi Writing Conference!

An immersive program for new and experienced authors, the Leopardi Writing Conference consists of workshops and craft talks in poetry and prose.

As writing tends to be a solitary endeavor, the Leopardi Writing Conference will serve the inspiring purpose of community and place. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to receive expert feedback on your writing project, and get to know your fellow writers, including the distinguished members of our faculty:

Alix Christie


Brett Fletcher Lauer


Mollye Miller Shehadeh



Michael Gardner




Thomas Cooney

Founder and Co-Director

Lain Hart

Founder and Co-Director

The core of the conference will consist of writing workshops, which will take place in the late morning. In the afternoons, the Leopardi Writing Conference will offer lectures, readings, and panel discussions. Also, guests will have a free day to explore the region, and guided group tours will be available at no additional cost.

Tuition is $750 (airfare and lodging excluded). The Gallery Hotel has generously offered a variety of rooms to our writers at discounted rates, and conference staff will be available to assist with any other arrangements.

A few spots are still available -- Applications now accepted on a rolling basis.

There is no fee to apply.



The Region of Le Marche

Just over two hours outside of Rome, Le Marche ("Lay Mar-Kay") is a region famous for its spectacular beaches and rustic mountains. Pastoral fields and forests offer a glimpse into an intimate experience of authentic Italian country life. It's little wonder then that, as the locals, the Marchegiani ("Mar-Kay-Jee-Ah-Nee"), will tell you, this is the land that gave us Raphael.

Recanati and "The Hills of Infinity"

The inspiration for the Leopardi Writing Conference is the life and work of another one of Le Marche's most famous sons, Giacomo Leopardi. A towering presence in the history of Italian letters, and a key influence on the development of Romanticism in Europe, the reputation of this celebrated poet looms large over his birthplace, the beautiful medieval hilltop town of Recanati.

With its Renaissance architecture surrounding an elegant piazza, Recanati offers an undiluted reflection of classic Italy. Nearby lie the marvelous "Hills of Infinity," a perfect jumping-off point for exploring the mountains and forests of Le Marche's interior. Just as close at hand: the sparkling beaches of the Adriatic Coast. Comfortable, ideally situated, and well-provisioned with modern amenities, Recanati's The Gallery Hotel will host the Leopardi Writing Conference.



The Leopardi Writing Conference is now accepting applications for Summer, 2018!

To apply, please send a one-page cover letter (include any relevant qualifications, publications, or interests) and a writing sample (max.: twenty pages of prose, or ten poems) in .pdf format to giacomo@leopardiwc.org.

There is no fee to apply.

A few spots are still available -- Applications now accepted on a rolling basis.

  • "This is Italy, land sacred to the gods."

    Pliny the Elder
  • "You may have the universe if I may have Italy."

    Giuseppe Verdi
  • "How beautiful is sunset when the glow of
    Heaven descends upon a land like thee,
    Thou Paradise of exiles, Italy!"

    Percy Bysshe Shelley



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